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Flat Fee or Interchange Plus $0.00

Some companies have gone to a FLAT FEE pricing model. Let’s look closer. You start a business and you search for inexpensive card processing and you see Cost Plus $0.00 or FLAT FEE. If your business only does $1000.00 per month in card sales then you would be paying almost 8% PLUS the Interchange Processing Fees, a very high cost. On the other hand if your business is processing $100K per month then you are only paying your processing agent a mere $8.00 plus Interchange Fees, and in that scenario, you probably won’t receive the personal service that a merchant of your caliber requires. There is NO perfect option. Find a Certified Payments Professional that you can trust. At Allcard USA we are here to help, we are Certified with the Electronic Transactions Association, and we can be TRUSTED. If you have a fee in mind that you feel comfortable paying your agent we are open to your offer.